Rhino Lodge Bardia is your ideal place for safari accommodation !!

Rhino Lodge Bardia Location

Rhino Lodge Bardia - Location

Rhino lodge Bardia is located in the heart of Bardia National Park.

We are located just off the Giruwa River, a branch of the Karnali river which flows downwards on its way to the Ganga River in India, known as Ghaghava by the local People.

We are located only 5 minutes away from the park, and just 2 minutes from the elephant stables . Whoever wants to travel from Kathmandu by air can contact us for the pick up as it is a two hour drive to the lodge through the Babai Valley which is a famous part of the National Park for birdwatching & fishing for Golden Mahseer.

On the way you will be able to see your first glimpse of Bardia National Park where you can enjoy birdwatching, crocodile watching and wildlife sightseeing. After you reach Ambasa you have to turn your vehicle south for 16KM until you reach Rhino Lodge Bardia.
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