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Why Rhino Lodge Bardia

Why Choose Rhino Lodge Bardia?

 When it comes to Bardia National Park, you have a choice in lodges. So why should you choose Rhino Lodge Bardia?

 The answer is easy: service and experience. We are one of the oldest lodges in Bardia National Park. We date back over 20 years, not long after this land was set aside to become a national park. We are the pioneer lodge who have originally developed today's activities and resources that have helped to make this wonderful jungle the ultimate of experiences for you.

We have the only air conditioned resort in Bardia, complete with two back-up generators. The jungle can be hot, and having air conditioning helps to make for a more enjoyable experience.

We employ quality chefs that can cook delicious continental, Indian and Nepali meals. We serve fresh fish from the Karnali River, along with many other delightful dishes. There is a full bar to relax in, or take your drinks outside into the jungle air.

 Our resort is quiet. You can relax in one of our many gazebos or on the front porch of your room. Inside you will find comfortable beds as well as rooms that are remodeled for full luxury and comfort. Our bathrooms are modern with 24 hour solar powered hot water.

Our lodges are set in our own jungle-style garden with plenty of flowers. You will find birds fluttering around with plenty of bright, colorful butterflies going from flower to flower. Wake up and enjoy your morning coffee or tea on your veranda while watching and listening to the birds.

 But there is more: we have full time naturalists working for us that can take you on a wide variety of tours. We have our own fleet of vehicles to transport you through the jungle or to the airport and back. Each of our guides is government certified and well trained. All of them are from the region, having grown up in the jungles of Bardia, so they know this place as home.

 We are pleased to say that our guests continue to recommend our resort to their friends and family as they have had a great time here. We are all about service, and we go the extra mile to make sure you have the best possible experience while in Bardia National Park.

 Sure you may find cheaper, but you won’t find the value that we can offer you. Our experience makes the difference. So don’t settle on just price; look at the entire picture. The majority of visitors to Bardia National Park agree; Rhino Lodge Bardia is the best choice for the ultimate Bardia experience. We look forward to serving you.


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