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Things to do in Bardia National Park

Elephant Safari

The elephant is the world's largest land mammal and also one of the most intelligent, so it is a wonderful experience to ride one in its natural environment. Elephants take you to those regions of the park, which are inaccessible on foot and can bring you very close to large mammals, such as rhinos, without disturbing them. The longer you spend on elephant back, the better you chances of observing animals, so on a 2-3 hour ride, you are virtually guaranteed to discover wildlife at close hand.

Please note that Bardia national park has only one entry and exit gate, so all excursions within the park begin and end at the same gate.

Jeep Safari

A short drive through Bardia National park is a drive like no other and presents a great opportunity to see wildlife. The huge park is still mostly untouched and unexplored and only a small part of it is set aside for exploration. Listening intently to every jungle sound, you may hear the alarm call of monkeys, warning of the arrival of the "lord of the forest", before he emerges into sight. Tigers are solitary and territorial; hunting at night, they are difficult to spot in the daytime, so if you are lucky enough to see one, it will surely be a moment you will remember all your life.

Tiger Tracking

Barda National park has the highest ratio of tiger sightings of any national park in Nepal, so this is another highly recommended activity, especially for those with a special interest in tigers.

In this fascinating programme, we focus on the tiger by closely observing its activities – smelling it's scent, examining its scat, finding fresh paw-marks on the trail. We will spend time at hides by the riverbank, where tigers routinely come to drink or swim and with the help of our naturalists we hope to get a closer encounter with this, the largest and most majestic of all cats. Sitting silently, listening intently to every jungle sound, you may hear the alarm call of monkeys, warning of the arrival of the "lord of the forest" before he emerges into sight. Tigers are solitary and territorial; hunting at night, they are difficult to spot in the daytime, so if you are lucky enough to see one, it will surely be a moment you will remember all your life.

Nature/Jungle Walk

Bardia national park is one of the most diverse in Nepal for flora and fauna and a walk in the jungle here is one of the best way to experience it first hand. Our leisurely, guided, 3-5 hour walk begins in the cool, early morning, as this is the best time to view wildlife. It may be extended to longer, for those who wish. Remember that this is not a zoo, so seeing animals will depend upon the time of year you visit, the weather and your luck. Of course, the experience of our guides will greatly increase your chances of seeing animals. We do not walk for the whole time but spend plenty of time sitting and watching quietly at waterholes, riverbanks and shelters. It's very enjoyable, taking a jungle picnic by the river or at an observation tower, whilst watching wildlife drinking at the river or feeding in the meadows. Our naturalists will climb trees and scale towers regularly, to check the trails and paths, in order to help you discover wildlife and to ensure your safety. Taking a nature walk with RLB is a really incredible way to touch nature in all its wildness.

Rafting in Karnali

This is NOT white water rafting, but rather a gentle and relaxing float down the impressive and beautiful Karnali River from the northwestern boundary. During the trip, which lasts all day, your rafting guides will help you to spot many types of bird and other wildlife along the riverbank. Elephant, deer, wild boar and rhinos are often seen drinking at the river and a real highlight of the trip is the chance to see the rare and endangered freshwater dolphins. We take a hearty packed lunch, which we can eat by the riverbank, whilst enjoying the fresh river breezes and return to RLB for sunset. This trip is highly recommended and provides a real opportunity to enjoy unspoilt nature and see rare wildlife.

Tharu Culture Programme

In order to protect their crops from marauding animals, the local people became adept in the use of sticks for both attack and self-defense. This later became formalized into an exhilarating dance which wil be performed for you, combined with a singing of some of their local songs, giving you information about their lives. These performances help to support the local community and preserve the Tharu culture. Whilst at RLB, you can also visit local Tharu villages and see their way of life first-hand.

Educational Tour

In Bardia National park we can see different type of flora and fauna and their associated habitats. In Bardia National Park we can see an elephant breeding center so, which you will have an opportunity to visit. Learn about the efforts to increase the pachyderm population and get to see several cow elephants and their calves. We can also see the crocodile breeding center. You can also learn about the culture and the lifestyle of the Tharu people which is the least developed caste in Nepalese society. As students may aready be aware of, at Bardia National Park one has high probability of seeing a wild tiger. Our guides will teach the students hand-signs to describe the footprints and other signs of tigers, in silence. Fresh paw-marks and the alarm calls of wild animals and birds means that a tiger is near to us so we must hide in cover near the river where tigers come to bath and drink water. Bardia National Park is known as the park of birds too so the students will be given lots of imformation about the birds of the park too.

Camping in Bardia National Park

Camping provides us with an amazing experience in Bardia National Park. We can go camping in several places such as the community forest, the buffer zone or the banks of Karnali river at a place called Lalmati, inside Bardia National Park. Lalmati is the best place for camping as it is where wild animals cross the river and come to drink water. We will have breakfast and dinner cooked by our guide and chef in front of us in-situ at the camp site.

Safari with Kids

A safari with kids is a wonderful idea for parents to introduce their child to wildlife and its natural environment. If you choose Bardia National Park for your kids, they will never be bored as our naturalist will engage with them througout as well as taylor the safari to suit their needs to provide an exciting and memorable trip. On the way we will climb a view tower or machan, in local dialtect, situated in the middle of the jungle to observe animals with zero detection/disturbance. Machan are placed in several places where there are regular movements of wild animals. Kids love our jeep safaris, birdwatching, boat safaris, tiger- tracking and fishing. If your kids would like to go fishing we can take them on the Karnali River which pases through the national park where there are many fish.

Honeymoon in the Jungle

If you are planning your honeymoon in Nepal then why not come to Bardia National Park as this park is still virgin territory, as few travellers visit this park and it's still totally unspoiled. Our guide will construct a tent house just for you. You will be provided with a jungle-style bucket-shower close to your tent or you can swim in the Karnali River, along which we are staying. To make your honeymoon memorable we will decorate your tent and provide a bottle of wine. Our private cook and assistant guide will join you in the camping area to provide your meals as per your desire.

Photographic tour

Photography in Bardia National Park is exciting for the traveler as it has been newly awarded by ITB Berlin 2019 for doubling the tiger population. What would you like to capture in your camera? Wild animals or birds? This is one of the best places in Nepal for both! If you tell us then we will provide you the naturalist based on your preferences/needs. If you are here with filming crew or documentation crew then please do not hesitate to provide us with information as we have to get a special national park permit for filming. Whoever has a passion for photography can capture plenty of photos here.


There are over 400 varieties of birds in Bardia National Park, including some that come for the winter or are part of the seasonal migrations from Siberia. Bardia is very popular with birdwatchers because of its remoteness as well as the sheer number of birds that can be seen.

Elephant Breeding Grounds

Rhino Lodge Bardia is located within a short walking distance of the elephant breeding grounds where you can see baby elephants and learn more about these giant, but very gentle creatures of the jungle.

Crocodile Breeding Center

Bardia National Park is home to two types of crocodiles, including the endangered Gharial Crocodile. This strange looking crocodile has a long, narrow snout studded with sharp teeth. This croc' is a fish eater, and the female lays the largest egg of all crocodiles. Here you can see Gharial as well as the more common Marsh Mugger.


The Babai River is one of the best destination in Nepal for fishing. The river flows 43 km through Bardia National Park where you can enjoy fishing as well as rafting. Major Fishes Found in the Babai River include: Golden Mahseer (Tor putitora), Catfish (Clupisoma garua), Kalabans (Bangana dero) , Indian Mottled Eel (Anguilla bengalensis) , Freshwater Garfish (Xenentodon cancila) & Striped Snakehead (Channa striata). We can easily the fishing grounds from Rhino Lodge who also provide the best safaris in Bardia National Park. Rhino Lodge Bardia organize one day fishing trips in the Karnali River with a jeep safari inside the national park in search of wild animals en route to the Karnali River for fishing.

One day fishing is also possible in the Babai River. You can enter the park from the Babai Valley in the morning with a packed lunch and go fishing for the whole day returning to the lodge for susnset. We will arrange your transport, permit and guide.

February to April and October to November are the best seasons for fishing along the Babai and Karnali Rivers. We suggest you bring your own fishing gear but we can provide rental equipment also.

Relax in a garden setting

Let’s face it, life is hectic enough in this world and every now and then you need a quiet place to find refuge. So, here at Rhino Lodge, you can do just that. Wake up, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on your veranda or sit in a gazebo amongst the flowers and birds, enjoying only the sounds of nature.