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why choose Bardia National Park ?

Why choose Bardia National Park ?

In far western Nepal lies the largest of the jungle national parks in Nepal. Located in the Terai region, this park is home to a variety of endangered species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, the One-horned Rhinoceros, the Gharial Crocodile and many more. Herds of wild elephants roam the jungles along with leopards, five varieties of deer, monkeys and more.

Bardia National Park encompasses 968 sq. kilometers on the eastern bank of the mighty Karnali River. Surrounded by a buffer zone that adds even more territory to the park, it has become the perfect refuge for the endangered animals to not only live, but prosper. Along with the newly adjacent Banke National Park, this area provides plenty of room for these incredible animals to replenish their numbers.

Because it is farther west than it’s more popular neighbor of Chitwan National Park, Bardia sees fewer visitors. This is a good thing because when you go out into the jungle with your trained jungle guide, you will not see many other people. Instead, you will have the rare opportunity to enjoy the incredible beauty of the jungle as you will see lots of wildlife.

There is much to see and do when in Bardia National Park. There are jungle walks, rafting trips, fishing trips, elephant safaris, jeep safaris and more. Visit a Tharu Village and in the evening, enjoy a Tharu cultural show. The Tharus have called this place home for hundreds of years. Our guides and staff were born and raised in this part of Nepal, and know how best to live and work in the jungle.

The quietness of Bardia National Park is only broken by the sounds of wild animals and birds, not by other people talking on mobile phones. You won’t be dealing with loud music and other manmade nuisances. Instead, you can relax at the resort, enjoy good meals, and allow yourself a pleasant, relaxing experience in one of the most beautiful places you can possibly imagine.

Nepal may be home to the Mighty Himalayas, but it is also home to incredible jungles. This trip, take the road less traveled for a most delightful jungle experience. Make it Rhino Lodge Bardia in Bardia National Park.